Tree Removal

Offering Fenceline & all other areas needing tree clearing or removal & cleanup with Skid Steer mounted equipment as well as individual tree removal & limbing for rural, residential, commercial, lake lots etc.

The process is fast & while cleanly shearing trees up to 10” diameter within inches of buildings, fence posts etc. at ground level with minimal to no damage other than skid steer wheel marks.

Even with single tree removal this machines maneuverability makes fence line etc. clearing fast, neat & cost effective without the damage caused by heavier equipment.


  • 10” Tree Shear with a grapple arm – tree is held in position, cut clean at ground level, lifted, dumped neatly on a brush pile or carried off property.
  • 8” Limbing Shear cuts up to 8” diameter trees or limbs, fast & clean at ground level or as required, body is 4’ (1.2 M) long for extended reaches with a 110 degree rotating head (cutting from horizontal – any degree up to 110 degrees over vertical)